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Dog Suites

When only the best will do for your canine friend, choose the Aussie Pet Resort where your pet will be treated like family on our tranquil Woodford acreage.

Relaxed Care

The Aussie Pet Resort provides the highest standard of care for all guests throughout their stay. The newly renovated canine suites provide a secure comfortable environment for dogs of all shapes and sizes. All suites are decked out with a private balcony with views of the Glass House Mountains and Luxury bedding to ensure each canine guest cosy and comfortable during their stay. The design lay out of every canine suite provides both an indoor room and an outdoor balcony allowing guests a comfortable stay no matter what the weather.


The Aussie Pet Resort provides all canine guests 
Scentral Park Playtime.  Our Farm Stay Package includes Daily Scentral Park Playtime or you can choose to book your dog in for $23.00 per 20 minute session.

The Aussie Pet Resort is the perfect holiday for your canine friend.

Dog in Nature

Hydro Spa & Flea and Tick Control

All our canine guests are required to be on a flea and tick treatment before arriving for their holiday. This ensures that all commune grass play areas are free from fleas and ticks. A complimentary spa bath and blow dry is done on the day of departure.  The safety of your pet during its stay is paramount to the Aussie Pet Resort.

Dog lying in the grass


The Aussie Pet Resort provides all canine guests with a combination of the highest premium food available to ensure the health and wellbeing of all guests even the fussiest of eaters. 

Guests requiring own Food will need to be labelled with their name and packaged in meal portions. Guests will be charged $5.00 per guest per day requiring their own food.

Dog Outdoors

Grass Play

The Aussie Pet Resort is one of the only resort facilities to provide all canine guests with lush grass fully fenced play areas with play equipment and toys of course. Your pet is given access to the play area morning and afternoon allowing them to roll, run and play in the lush grass just like home. Playtimes are essential for each canine guests' wellbeing and enrichment during their stay. The Aussie Pet Resort ensures your pets' wellbeing comes first.

Hungry Dog

Scentral Park Playtime

Canine Guests wanting more one-on-one time or extra playtime Scentral Park is the place! Scentral Park is half acre fully fence playground 20 minutes of playtime one on one with a staff member. 

Our Farm Stay Package includes Scentral Park Playtime or book your dog in for $22.00 per 20 minutes.

Cute Puppy

Vaccination Requirements

The Aussie Pet Resort requires all canine guests to have a current C5 vaccination. The C5 vaccination must be current within the past 12 months or must be given more than 2 weeks prior to stay. Please note all intra nasal vaccinations must be given 4 weeks prior to stay. We require vaccination certificate with a veterinarian signature from a registered veterinary clinic emailed to us with your booking.

Cute Puppy


All canine guests are offered a selection of high-quality treats during their stay. Treats are an important part of any pets stay giving enrichment and enjoyment.

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Aussie Pet Resort Dog Holidays

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